Research Progress

First Long-Baseline VLBI Fringes from NTSC's 40-m Radio Telescope

The 40-m Haoping radio telescope (HRT) at the Luonan station, the National Time Service Center(NTSC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) got its first fringes in a testing long-baseline VLBI observation, on the 22nd of June 2022.

06 24, 2022
NTSC Scientists Realize Intracity Optical-fiber Two-way Quantum Clock Synchronization

Precise synchronization between distant clocks plays essential role in almost all types of precision measurements. In comparison with the traditional methods based on satellites, fiber optics has shown to be an advantageous channel for precise time and frequency transfer. Further cooperating with quantum technology, the fiber-optic quantum clock synchronization has shown great potential in enhancing the precision and providing better guarantee of security. To further prove its advantage in practical applications, a research team from National Time Service Center the Chinese Academy of Sciences implemented two tests of synchronization performance between clocks apart on two types of optical fiber distances (7 km intracity fiber link and 50 km laboratory fiber link).

04 24, 2022
Scientists Invent Autonomous Time Synchronization Method of Time Unified System without Traceability Data

Scientists proposed a time autonomous maintenance method with small step-by-step adjustment of the control strategy based on Autoregressive high-precision time difference prediction after a large number of experiments

12 28, 2021


NTSC Researcher Won the National Natural Science Award

The national Science and Technology Award Conference was hold in Beijing on November 3 2021. Prof. WU Yuanwei from NTSC won the National Prize for Natural in Sciences (second class).

Sarez Lake Dam Deformation Monitoring System based on BeiDou Technology Put into Operation

Researchers from the National Time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently completed the dam deformation monitoring system.

Journal of Time and Frequency Indexed in World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) (2020 STM)

Recently, the journal evaluation report World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) (2020 Science and Technology Edition) jointly launched by the Institute of Science and Technology Information of China and other institutions was released, and Journal of Time and Frequency sponsored by the National Time Service Center was indexed.


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