Two Books Select as Outstanding Popular Science Books of Shaanxi Province in 2023

Author:       ArticleSource:       Update time:2023/11/01

Two popular science books nominated by the National Time Service Center,"Navigation Stars and Sinan" and "Sky Gazing(chinese version)" was selected in the list of "Outstanding Popular Science Books of Shaanxi Province in 2023" (15 in total). Those books were also selected in the list of "Outstanding Popular Science Books of Xi'an in 2023".   

"Navigation Stars and Sinan: Ancient Chinese Navigation Technology" edited by DOU Zhong and other scientists from NTSC, published by Xi'an Jiaotong University Press. The book shows readers the brilliant achievements of the Chinese people in timing, navigation, and geodesy over the past five thousand years, as well as the significant contributions made to the integration of Eastern and Western technological and cultural exchanges through the Silk Roads on land and sea.   

The technologies described in the book, such as serving the time by observing celestial phenomena, identifing directions by observing stars, governing south by lodestone, constructing the capital with craftsmanship, squared map with grid system and scale, and crossing the ocean by Chinese latitude hook, played an invaluable role in guiding ancient Chinese people in their daily lives and exploring unknown worlds. It has also left us a precious scientific and cultural hertiage.  

The book also includes fold-out sections such as "Zhen He's Nautical Chart" and "Silk Road Landscape Map", as well as valuable historical materials like "Ancient Map of Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs", "Shaanxi Jingbian Han Tomb Star Map", "Yu Ji Map", "Dunhuang Star Map", and "Kunyu Wanguo Map".  

Navigation Stars and Sinan(Imaged by NTSC)

"Sky Gazing" is written by American astronomer Meg Satcher, translated by QIAO Haihua, an associated researcher of NTSC. This book uncovers the science behind the starry skies, bridging the gap between children and the universe. From an observer's perspective, it introduces readers astronomical knowledge about the stars, the moon, the sun.   

The book is filled with a plethora of awe-inspiring astronomical images, accompanied by vivid illustrations, allowing readers to appreciate the beauty and mystery of the universe. Each chapter ends with astronomical notes, sparking readers' thoughts on the cosmic sky and guiding them through some fascinating astronomical observation practices.   

With accurate translations and beautiful in language, the book is especially suitable for young people to read, and can stimulate readers' interest in astronomy.

Sky Gazing(Imaged by NTSC)