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Journal of Time and Frequency
Update time: 2009/06/18
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Journal of Time and Frequency is a journal of academy and technological application sponsored by National Time Service Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and mainly administered by Chinese Academy of Sciences. Publication of Shaanxi Astronomical Observatory, the former name of this journal, was originated in 1978 and renamed Journal of Time and Frequency in 2003 with the approval of the competent authority.

Journal of Time and Frequency is a semiyearly published one in and outside China. Its unified consecutive publication number in China is CN61-1405/P and its international standard consecutive publication number is ISSN1001-1544.

Journal of Time and Frequency covers the theory of application and research of time and frequency, achievement and progress in technology and method hereof, and special commentary. It is mainly for scientific and technological researchers in such fields as time and frequency, astronomy, national defense, measurement, mapping, seismology, telecommunication, electric power, and navigation.

Journal of Time and Frequency has been chosen in such databases as Chinese Sciences Citation Database, Chinese Core Journal(Selected)Database, Chinese Journal Full text Database, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database and Chinese Scientific & Technical Periodicals Database.


Journal Committee members:

Editor in chief:
Associate editor:
Committee members:

Executive editor:
Pan Liande
Wu Guichen
Wang Yulin, Bian Yujing, Qiao Rongchuan, Yang Tinggao, Wu Haitao, Hu Jinshe, Ke Xizheng, Gao Yuping, Dong Shaowu, Fan Zhanyou(in Chinese surname strokes order)
Ma Liping

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