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A novel progress of the strontium optical lattice clock in NTSC
Update time: 2015/11/03
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Recently, a new progress has been made by the research group led by researcher Zhang Shougang of Quantum Frequency Standards Lab from NTSC, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Guided by the researcher Chang Hong, the leader of the strontium optical lattice clock program, a single mode narrow linewidth laser was established successfully by directly selecting and amplifying a single mode from an optical frequency comb. This laser was applied to the system of strontium optical clock and realized the narrow line laser cooling of strontium atoms and the clock transition detection.

This work supported by the National Major Fund of Scientific Equipment and Instrument Development of China.

The article reporting this workentitled “Selection and amplification of a single optical frequency comb mode for laser cooling of the strontium atoms in an optical clock”, has been published in the journal of Applied Physics Letters ( Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 151104 (2015)) which retains the top spot as the most highly cited journal in Applied Physics. The first author is Liu Hui, a Ph. D candidate of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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