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NTSC Made New Advances on Research of Cold Atoms
Update time: 2014/03/18
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Recently, the research group led by researcher Zhang Shougang of Quantum Frequency Standards LabKey Laboratory of Time and Frequency Primary Standards of CASfrom NTSC, Chinese Academy of Sciences made new advances on the research of cold atoms. The research group studied the Novel quantum states and physical property of atomic-molecular condensate and the spin-orbit coupled condensate and proposed the relevant experimental measurement methods. 

Team members Zhang Xiaofei, Dong Ruifang, Wang Xin and Zhang Shougang, et al. firstly studied the exact dark state solution of the atomic-molecular condensate and considered the effect of binding potential in real experiments. The research results are published in Optics Communications 291,455 (2013). The research team also studied the ground state phase diagram and the quantum phase transition of the Bose gas with Rashba spin-orbit coupling and confined in concentrically coupled annular traps, and discussed the effect of external rotation on the physical properties of the system. The results show that, the spin-orbit coupling and the rotation can be regarded as two independent switches, which can be used to induce the desired ground state phases and manipulate the quantum transition between different phases. The research results are published in American Physical Society: Phys. Rev. A 86, 063628 (2012) and Physics Letters A 377, 1109 (2013). On this basis, studies on the ground state phase diagram and quantum phase transition of spin-orbit-coupled dipolar quantum gases, as well as the quantum vortex and its structural phase transition of multi-component condensate by the research team is under way. The research results are submitted to some international authoritative journals such as Physical Review A and Annals of Physics. 

These studies further improved the understanding of the interaction between light and matter, and have potential value for the application of quantum manipulation, precision physical measurement and cold atomic clocks. 

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