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NTSC Made a great Progress Of research in Strontium Atomic Optical frequency standards
Update time: 2014/03/10
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Recently, the Research Group led by researcher Chang Hong from NTSC, Chinese Academy of Sciences made a great Progress on the precision measurement of intercombination transition frequency among strontium atoms and its application in measurement for the atomic velocity distribution by cooperating with professor Wu Haibin from East China Normal University. AIP advances published a research article named Precision measurement of transverse velocity distribution of a strontium atomic beam on line. It’s reported the value of precision measurement on intercombination transition frequency for the four isotopes of strontium and the result of precision measurement on transverse velocity distribution of an atomic beam through optical frequency measurement. 

The research work is supported by relevant projects of National Natural Science Foundation, instrument & equipment development project and key deployment project of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 



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