Research Divisions

Time Transfer Method and Technology

Author:       ArticleSource:       Update time:2021/08/11

Time Transfer Method and Technology Department is the main division of NTSC to explore and build modern high-precise time service methods and measures. The main tasks of our department is to track the forefront of international time service theories, carry out researches on new time service methods and measures, explore new measures on high-precise time service, build time service system, and promote the industrial applications of time service.

Director: Prof. HUA Yu

Deputy Director: Prof. LI Shifeng

Major Research Directions :

1. Time Service Methods and Technologies: new mechanisms on radio time service, methods on signal acceptance methods of radio navigation, new technologies on broadcast time service, new technologies on digital TV set time service, under water time service technologies, etc..

2. Reliable time attestation technology: Time synchronization protocol for secure and reliable networks, High precision network time synchronization standard, Reliable time attestation system, etc..

3. New Technologies of Indoor Positioning: new technologies on smart phone positioning, technologies on robot positioning, technologies on new optical positioning , new technologies on broadcast positioning, etc..

4. Development of time servicing terminal instruments: simulators of time service signals, and time unification, etc..

5. Researches on time service monitoring technologies: Long-wave time service monitoring, short-wave time service monitoring, low-frequent time code time service monitoring, network time service monitoring, digital TV set time service monitoring, broadcast time service monitoring, etc..