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Result analysis of non-continuous two-way satellite time comparison
Update time: 2014/01/09
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WEI Pei1,2,3, YANG Xu-hai1,2, GUO Ji1,2, LI Zhi-gang1,2, QIN Wei-jin1,2

(1. National Time Service Centre, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xian 710600, China;

2. Key Laboratory of Precision Navigation and Timing Technology, National Time Service Center,

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xian 710600, China;

3. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100039, China)

Abstract: The two-way satellite time and frequency transfer(TWSTFT) is a kind of remote time comparison method with high precision. Generally, the comparison is not carried out continuously. The data from C-band TWSTFT Network of the national time service center(NTSC) was used for analyzing the level of non-continuous TWSTFT. The raw data of non-continuous TWSTFT was dealt with linear interpolation method and the result was compared with the continuous TWSTFT. The comparison shows that the RMS of the difference between non-continuous and continuous TWSTFT is less than 1 ns when the interval time is less than 2.5 d, and the RMS is less than 0.5 ns when the interval time is 0.5 d.

Key words: TWSTFT; time comparison; time delay

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