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Report of optical frequency transfer via fiber
Update time: 2013/10/24
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ZHANG Lin-bo1,2,3, XU Guan-jun1,2, LIU Jie1,2,3, GAO Jing1,2,

JING Liang1,2,3, DONG Rui-fang1,2, LIU Tao1,2, ZHANG Shou-gang1,2

(1. National Time Service Centre, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xian 710600, China;

2. Key Laboratory of Time and Frequency Primary Standard, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xian 710600, China;

3. Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100039, China)

Abstract: When a narrow-linewidth laser is transferred through a single-mode optical fiber, the phase noise induced by the environment, results in broadening of the laser linewidth. In this article, we introduced the basic principle of the fiber phase noise suppression, and established the experimental system of it. In the experiment we observed the laser phase noise suppression effect through the system of the fiber phase noise suppressing of a 20 m single-mode fiber, the precision of the optical frequency transfer is better than 3×10-18.

         Key words: narrow-linewidth laser; optical frequency transfer via fiber; phase noise suppression; optical atomic clock

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