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The effect of temperature on transfer ranging equipment delay
Update time: 2013/07/25
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WU Wen-jun1,2,3, LI Zhi-gang1,2, LI Xiao-hui1,2, YANG Xu-hai1,2,

CHEN Liang1,2, GONG Jian-jun1,2,3

(1. National Time Service Centre, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xian 710600, China;

2. Key Laboratory of Precision Navigation and Timing Technology, National Time Service Center,

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xian 710600, China;

3. Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100039, China)

Abstract: For realizing satellite ranging with high-precision, the relationship between equipments delay and environmental temperature for satellite ranging earth-station was determined. The transmitting time delay and receiving time delay of the modem were measured by using the modem with known time delays. The time delay of whole equipments for the earth-station was measured by using the transfer ranging equipments of the earth-station. The temperature parameter was collected by using meteorographs. The relationship between the equipments delay and the temperature was studied based on the measurements. The statistic analyses indicate that the equipment delay changes linearly with the natural temperature. The influence of temperature on the equipments time-delay couldn′t be ignored for high-precision satellite-ranging.

        Key words: transfer ranging; time delay; temperature

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