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Implementation of dual-mode tight-coupling timing module
Update time: 2013/07/25
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                                               XU Rong, YU Yong, ZHANG Bei-jiang, ZHAO Lu-wen

(Institute of Communication Engineering, PLA University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210007, China)

Abstract: The differences in cost, power consumption and volume between the BDS/GPS dual-mode loose-coupling timing module and the BDS/GPS dual-mode tight-coupling timing module, and the shortcomings of loose-coupling timing in integrity-monitoring are analysed, thereby it is concluded that the tight-coupling has obvious advantage in timing. The hardware design, positioning principle, timing principle and strategy associated with the tight-coupling timing module are demonstrated in detail. The experiments verify the advantage of tight-coupling timing in integrity-monitoring etc.

        Key words: dual-mode; tight-coupling; timing

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