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Nobel Prize Winner William D. Phillips Visits NTSC
Update time: 2016/04/14
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Nobel Prize winner William D. Phillips visits NTSC on 8 April 2016. He gives report named “Time, Einstein and the Coolest Stuff in the Universe”to scientists and students from NTSC and two other colleges  

Professor William Daniel Phillips received his Physics Doctorate from the MIT in 1976. In 1978, he joined National Institute of Standards and Technology. In 1997, he shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with Steven Chu and Claude Cohen Tannoudji. Professor William has studied and advanced the scientific art of supercooling atoms for tapping and examination. Cooling slows the speed of atoms’ movements and extreme cooling to near absolute zero allows the atomic structure of gases to be slowed and trapped without having the gas condensed and liquefy  or solidify, Phillips’ results were so remarkable and far beyond what physicists thought would be feasible. 

After the report, Professor William visits laboratories and discusses with NTSC’s scientists. At last, he leaves note for NTSC saying: this is a lovely visit to a place of both high precision and high scientific and technical expertise-in a setting full of culture, history and beauty.
                                              (Nobel Prize Winner William D. Phillips Visits NTSC)

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