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Sino-Russian Expert Group Completes Investigation On GLONASS Tracking Station in China
Update time: 2015/02/11
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    In accordance with The Cooperation Framework Agreement on Beidou Satellite Navigation System and Russian GLONASS Satellite Navigation System between Chinese and Russian governments, both countries shall build a satellite navigation ground tracking station in the other country, and the Russian-built tracking station in China shall be constructed at the same site with the International GNSS Monitoring and Assessing Station (iGMAS) Domestic Tracking Station undertaken by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).  

    Jan. 25-28, 2015, under the organization of Bureau of Major R&D Programs CAS and Ministry of Satellite Navigation CAS, an on-site investigation was made by National Time Service Center CAS -- the head unit responsible for the iGMAS Domestic Tracking Station and the Russian expert group, along with Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory and Changchun Man-Made Satellite Monitoring Station. 

    After the investigation, experts from NTSC returned to Beijing together with the Russian expert group and attended the Sino-Russia Satellite Navigation Cooperation Roundtable Conference held in Beijing on Jan. 25-28, 2015. 

    This cooperation is of great significance in extending the tracking network between Beidou Satellite Navigation System and Russian GLONASS System as well as in improving the accuracy of orbit, clock correction and position for the systems. 

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