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Researchers from NTSC Attended 2014 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium in Taiwan
Update time: 2014/06/16
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At the invitation of Organizing Committee of 2014 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium, Dong Ruifang, Liu Tao, Jiang Haifeng, Chang Hong and Ruan Jun from NTSC attended the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium in Taipei from May 19 to May 23, 2014.

There were totally 101 special oral reports and 80 posted reports presented in the 4-day symposium, in which, 2 oral reports and 20 posted reports, covering production, transfer and application of temporal frequency as well as precision measurement and control technique of temporal frequency, were presented by NTSC. During the symposium, researcher Dong Ruifang gave an oral presentation on “Characterization of Coincident-Frequency Entangled Source in Quantum Synchronization Application”, and researcher Chang Hong, on behalf of Kong Yao from Yang Xiuhai’s group, made an oral report on “A New Method for Generating Japan Standard Time by Using Distributed Atomic Clocks Connected via Satellites” and showcased the 20 posted reports presented by NTSC.

This visit lays a good foundation for NTSC to keep up with international tendency and technology development about time-frequency field and promotes the cooperation and exchange in scientific research and technology between NTSC and the international units, which plays a good role in improving the NTSC’s status in international scientific research field as well as in promoting the exploration and innovation of NTSC in scientific research field.

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