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German Experts Visited National Time Service Center (NTSC) for A Technical Exchange Seminar
Update time: 2012/09/04
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During August 8-10, 2012, researcher Lu Xiaochun, Director of Navigation and Communications Laboratory in NTSC, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, conducted a three-day technical exchange in the field of GNSS satellite navigation with Professor Wolfgang Schaefer from TimeTech-a German company. They focused on the processing techniques of GNSS satellite signal’s generating, transmitting and receiving, carried out an extensive and in-depth communication and exchange, and then reached an initial intention for technical exchange and cooperation.

During this period, Mr. Schaefer successively visited the time-frequency reference laboratory, quantum frequency standard laboratory, atomic clock room, master control station of CAPS navigation and the quality monitoring and evaluation system of GNSS space signal in the NTSC under the leadership of Lu Xiaochun, and listened to the introduction and explanation of related researchers. Mr. Schaefer showed a great interest in the master control station of CAPS navigation and the quality monitoring and evaluating system of GNSS space signal. He had great confidence in the future cooperation and development.

The success of this technical exchange seminar provided the NTSC a new platform for external exchange and cooperation, and laid a good foundation for its advancement and development in related fields of technology.

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