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Group of Liang Jiajing, Deputy Director of Macao Bureau of Meteorological and Geophysical Visit the National Time Service Center(NTSC)
Update time: 2012/05/30
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On May 29, group of Liang Jiajing, the deputy director of Macao Bureau of Meteorological and Geophysical, and Liang Yongquan, director of Earthquake Monitoring Center, visited theNTSC, and had the communication and discussion with the leaders and the researchers of the NTSC.

Deputy director Liang Jiajing first visited the reference laboratories for central time frequency and heard the introduction of the maintenance work of central time reference given by the researcher Dong Shaowu, person in charge of the reference chamber for time frequency, then had the communication and discussion with Guo Ji, director of the center, and Wang Yulin, the party secretary, et al. Both sides have expressed the supports for keeping good cooperation relationship and establishing effective discussion and communication mechanism in order to further promote the exchange and cooperation in the time frequency field.

Macao Bureau of Meteorological and Geophysical is in close cooperation with the NTSC on the research of time frequency, and as a partner, participated in the Joint Atomic Time of China (JATC) System established by the NTSC. With this exchange and visiting, the partnership between both parties is strengthened, which laid a foundation for the further cooperation between both parties.

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