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Dr. Pierre Lemonde From Observatoire de Paris Visits National Time Service Center
Update time: 2009/11/26
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Nov. 23-25, Dr. Pierre Lemonde, Tenured Senior Scientist of Observatoire de Paris paid a visit to NTSC at the invitation of researcher Zhang Shougang, Director of Quantum Frequency Standards Lab.

Dr. Pierre Lemonde gave a detailed introduction in the afternoon of Nov. 24 on the research and development in three aspects such as Optical Frequency Metrology and Dissemination, Ultra Stable Lasers & Low Phase Noise Microwave Generation with Fiber Combs, and High-Resolution Optical Frequency Dissemination on a Telecommunication Network.

Dr. Pierre Lemonde was graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris. Later on, he served as post doctor at Observatoire de Paris during 1997-1998. Dr. Pierre Lemonde is responsible for the research of cold atomic clock “PHARAO” for European Space Agency, and research contents involve cold atomic clock in space PHARAO, cold optical strontium atomic clock with optical lattice, optical fiber laser frequency stabilization, and optical time transmission. He published more than 100 papers. Research in the field of strontium atomic optical frequency standard and optical fiber time frequency transmission made by research team lead by him is among world leading level.

After the report, young researchers had a deep communication and discussion with Dr. Pierre Lemonde in terms of relevant questions.

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