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Dr. Jiang Zhiheng Visited the National Time Service Centre
Update time: 2018/07/13
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Dr. Jiang Zhiheng Visited the National Time Service Center


        From July 5 to 6, Jiang Zhiheng, the chief researcher of the Time Department of Bureau of International des Poids et Measure(BIPM), visited the National Time Service CenterNTSC and gave a report entitled On the redundancy in the UTC time transfer network for TWSTFT. Zhang Shougang, director of NTSC, warmly welcomed Dr.Jiang Zhiheng's visit. Li Xiaohui, deputy director of NTSC, also expressed thanks to Dr. Jiang for his support and help in the time work of NTSC over the years, and host the report meeting. Dong Shaowu, director of the time keeping laboratory of the time service center, Gao Yuping, director of time scale laboratory, as well as more than 50 young scientific researchers and graduate students of NTSC participated in this academic activity.

       In this report, he firstly introduced the influence of the performance of the international time comparison link on the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and then presented us with several methods to reduce the Diurnal Effect in the Two-way satellite time and frequency transfer (TWSTFT). He analyzed the effect of using two-way measurement data from Software Defined Receivers(SDR), TWSTFT and GPS carrier phase information, and redundant link data in reducing the TWSTFT Diurnal Effect respectively . At the end of this report, Professor Jiang introduced the processing principle and method of redundant link data in detail. After the meeting, scientific researchers and participants had a heated discussion and exchange on the numerical reduction method of the Diurnal Effect in the two-way satellite time comparison.


      Jiang Zhiheng is responsible for the calculation of UTC and International Atomic Time (TAI). His main research fields include high-precision international time comparison and time keeping.


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