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NIST Research Consultant David Allan Howe Visited NTSC
Update time: 2018/04/08
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NIST Research Consultant David Allan Howe Visited NTSC

David Allan Howe, research consultant of NIST paid a visit to NTSC on March 31st, and delivered an academic report themed Timekeeping Properties, Technologies, and Applications.

The report firstly introduced the time-keeping work of NIST, then showcased analysis and researches on the noise of atomic clocks, as well as the application of cesium fountain clock and light clock on timing. Lastly, detailed information on time scale algorithm based on Kalman Filter Algorithm was given. The Research specialist staff from timekeeping laboratory and relevant researchers of NTSC attended the meeting, and had a heated discussion with their international counterparts on related timing issues. After the meeting, David Allan Howe visited the lab and time science museum.

As one of the most world-renowned time-keeping laboratories, NIST is a world leader in the field of the R&D and application of reference clocks and light clocks. David Allan Howe is also an expert in noise theories and time-keeping technologies. His visit has enriched NTSC researchers’ knowledge about cutting-edge technologies on timing, and facilitated the lab’s work on the application of reference clocks and light clocks on timing.



            Professor David Allan Howe delivers an academic report



               Professor David Allan Howe visits time science museum

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