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Agreement reached on GTSS project proposal
Update time: 2017/07/17
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The project proposal of the "13th Five-Year" national large research infrastructure platform " High Precision Ground-based Time Service SystemGTSS" was reviewed by experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing and an agreement was reached

Cao Ning, the vice director of the Bureau of Facility Support and Budget, CAS, presided over the review meeting. She pointed out that GTSS is an important construction project which would further enhance the safety, stability and timing precision of time service system of our country, and has a significant impact on scientific research, national security, basic industries and so on. Zhang Shougang, the director of National Time Service CenterNTSC),CASintroduced the  preparation process of the proposaland expressed his wish that all experts could make suggestions on how to improve and perfect  the proposal.  .

The expert group listened to the project report on GTSS made by Li Xiaohui, the vice-director of NTSCand made a comprehensive professional evaluation on the project,in reference tomeaning and necessity, purpose and scheme, target and budget. The experts held that the construction objectives were clear, the overall scheme was reasonably designed, the proposal unit had rich experience in constructing and managing, the estimated budget was generally reasonablethe supporting conditions were basically readyand the proposal should be submitted to department in charge after revised and perfected.

The review meeting was organized by the Bureau of Facility Support and Budget, CAS. 18 experts from 15 units including the militaryresearch institutesuniversities and so on attended the meeting. Ye Chaohui, an academician from Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, CAS, was the chairman, and Wang Yiqiua professor from Peking University, was the vice chairman. Academician Chen Junliang, Academician Ai Guoxiang, Academician Li Tianchu, Academician Lu Jianhua, and some other experts were also present.

The GTSS is in the 10-priority-projects list for "13th Five-Year" national large research infrastructure. After constructed, with the added satellite-based time service systemthe whole new system will facilitate the national integrated time service system, and it would play an important role in promoting scientific research, national economy and national security. The agreement on the proposal  markedthe project construction conditions are mature, pre-planning and preparation work are fully prepared, and all the basic conditions make a solid foundation for the next approval and implement.



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