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Sweden expert visited NTSC
Update time: 2017/05/17
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Sweden time-frequency expert Carsten Rieck from RI.SE visited NTSC and made a report named Resilient Timing Infrastructure in Sweden on May 16, 2017. The seminar was hosted by Dr. Shaowu Dong.

At the beginning, Professor Carsten Rieck introduced the work of time-frequency department in RI.SE. In recent years, Sweden RI.SE has made significant progress in time-frequency field.

The distributed multipoint timekeeping system based on kalman algorithm was introduced in detail by Carsten Rieck. The system includes more than 25 atomic clocks. There are a lot of methods of time transfer in RI.SE, such as satellite two-way time transfer, GNSS time transfer and fiber optic time transfer. A near-real-time time comparison system based on RT data transfer was unique. In addition, methods of passive satellite two-way time transfer were studied. In the report, Carsten Rieck emphasized robustness, integrity and reliability of time keeping system and time transfer system.

The researchers of timekeeping laboratory and relevant researchers of NTSC attended the meeting. NTSC experts had deep conversation and heated discussion with Carsten Rieck about timekeeping, time transfer.

 The initial cooperative intention on international time transfer based on Beidou was formed. It is of great significance to strength the cooperation between NTSC and international timekeeping laboratories.

After the meeting, Carster Rieck visited the timekeeping laboratory and the Time Science Museum

(Timekeeping laboratory contributed to this report)

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