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NTSC Sent Staff to Participate in the 2016 Working Conference of ITU-R/SG7 National Counterpart Group
Update time: 2016/11/18
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On Nov. 4, the ITU-R/SG7 (scientific business group) National Counterpart Group Conference was held in the Beijing National Radio Monitoring Center, attended by 38 leaders and experts in different fields from 28 units of national administrations and membership units of counterpart groups. NTSC, as a group leader unit, represented the ITU-R/WP7A National Counterpart Working Group to give a report, titled “Universal Coordinated Time—UTC and WP7A Work Summary”, summarizing the work of WP7A in the last research period and simply introducing the time work of Universal Coordinated Time and NTSC with the invitation of the sponsor. 

Since NTSC became the group leader unit of the WP7A National Counterpart Group, it has actively developed the various activities of WP7A and organized to develop the research work of frequency and time signal broadcasting involved in ITU, and completed the relevant work of the ITU National Counterpart Working Group, assigned by China, without any liability accidents. In future, it will continue to make a bigger contribution for the national ITU counterpart research with efforts.
              (NTSC Sent Staff to Participate in the 2016 Working Conference ofITU-R/SG7 National Counterpart Group)

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