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Scientific Important Project- National Time Service Center was awarded as excellent popular science works reward by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Update time: 2015/12/16
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      2015' CAS network popular science league training exchange meeting was held on November 30 2015, where CAS network science media platform excellent works and star user organization reward were awarded, included ten excellent popular science works awards were jointly elected, national time service center special clip (named as Scientific Important Project-National Time Service Center) also was ranked herein. 

      Scientific Important Project-National Time Service Center special clip was jointly photographed by CCTV, which started from leap second adjustment (incident) from July 1 2015 and then gradually answered knowledge about time frequency science and national time service system construction whilst it presented the public about national mission born by national time service center from its start, as well as long-/short-wave time service system run by nation time service center (such system acts as indispensable basic works and social welfare facilities and plays important roles and makes great contribution with space technology and national economy development). Since such special clip was first broadcasted on October 15 on CCTV-10 and issued at China popular science Expo network, it attracted more than 20,000 viewers click for watch, as well as made the public concern with it and good praises. 


                    Scientific important project- national time service center was awarded as excellent works reward

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