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2014 operation plan on long- and short-wave timing system passedprofessional appraisal
Update time: 2014/03/10
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2014 Operation Plan Appraisal Meeting on Major Science and Technology Infrastructure was held on Feb. 21, 2014 at National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Meeting is organized by the Bureau of Facility Support and Budget Chinese Academy of Sciences. Experts inside and outside of the Academy were invited to appraise the 2014 operation plan on major science and technology infrastructure BPL/BPM long- and short-wave timing system undertaken by NTSC (timing system for short). Deputy Director of NTSC Zhang Shougang attended the meeting and gave a report on the timing system operation plan. 

The expert group debriefed 2014 Operation Plan on the Timing System, reviewed 2014 Operation Plan and Appropriation Budget Report on the system, reached consensus through query and discussion that 2014 operation plan on the long- and short-wave timing system was clear in content, feasible in technique and reasonable in indicator.This system also can ensure the completion of various timing tasks by centering on national defense construction, national economy and scientific research to provide standard, reliable and highly precise timing service as well as timing services of high precision for finance, communication, geodetic survey, seismic surveillance, scientific experiment, etc. 

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