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“2013 National Academic Exchange Conference on National Time Frequency” held in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province
Update time: 2013/10/25
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2013 National Academic Exchange Conference on Time Frequency” was held in Yan'an, Shaanxi province on Oct. 17 to 18. This time-frequency conference was undertaken by the National Time Service Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and co-hosted by the Time Service and Time Specialized Committee of China Association of Satellite Navigation and Positioning, Time-frequency Specialized Committee of Chinese Astronomical Society, Time-frequency Specialized Committee of Chinese Society for Measurement, and Measurement and Testing Specialized Committee of Chinese Society of Astronautics. The national time-frequency academic conference is the largest and highest academic conference of its kind in the time-frequency research of China, which is hosted by the four committees in turn, once every two years. 

More than 230 specialists and scholars attended this time-frequency conference, with 142 papers received and adopted, and five reports specially invited for the conference. The conference centered on 12 subjects concerning 3 main subjects in terms of atomic clock and oscillator, time transfer and time service, as well as punctuality and time system. Scholars and experts at the conference demonstrated and exchanged the new achievements and progress in time-frequency that China has made in the recent two years. 

Besides, eight youth scientific and technological workers were awarded with the honorable title of “Youth Award for Science and Technology of Time-frequency” for their outstanding contribution in time-frequency research over the recent years, including Li Xiaohui, a researcher from the National Time Service Center, who also honored on the list. 

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