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NTSC Made a Stage Pose on CCTV New Year’s Party
Author: zuojinglian
Update time: 2013/01/04
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  CCTV 2013 New Year Special Program “Sailing 2013—CCTV New Year’s Party” was held in National Stadium Beijing, which has been lively broadcasted by CCTV-1, CCTV-3, CCTV-4 as well as the foreign language channels for the whole world.
  The New Year’s Party was based on “Beijing time” which was the key element linking up all program modules in the entire live telecast. The party formed the “World Clock Wall” with strong visual impact through seven overseas junction centers of CCTV, news bureaus all over the world and network real-time connection, which presented the spectacular event of people around the world. The party focused on Beijing time again near zero o’clock. The camera lens switched to NTSC of Chinese Academy of Sciences located in Lintong, Xi’an City, with the splendid speech of Zhu Jun and Dong Qing, famous host and hostess of CCTV. “NTSC takes charge of emerging, maintaining and transmitting the National Standard Time (namely Beijing time)…” the newsman made a live report on Beijing time maintained by the time reference system of our country, and sketched the importance of chronometer time.
  NTSC has been known by the whole nation and even the entire world through the New Year’s Party, which has largely improved the impact of our unit. Meanwhile, it implies that as the scientific research institution emerging, maintaining and transmitting the National Standard Time (namely Beijing time), “NTSC” has become an important brand and has gained the attention of mainstream media both at home and abroad.

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