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Annular Eclipse of May 21st , Partial Eclipse Observable in Xi’an
Update time: 2012/05/15
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On the morning of May 21st, an annular eclipse will occur within our borders. The area of annular eclipse starts from Guangxi Beibu Gulf in the west, and goes through Guangdong, southern Jiangxi, most parts of Fujian and northern Taiwan and then enters the Pacific Ocean, in most parts of China the annular eclipse will show in different degrees. Early that morning the eclipse will be in partial stage as the sun rises which will be seen in most parts of China and especially in area of path of annular eclipse, beautiful “gold ring” will be seen. The annular eclipse will begin between 6:06 to 6:12, and the eclipse ends about 7:30 at the latest in mainland China.
If it is sunny in the morning of May 21st, people in Xi’an can see the “partial eclipse”. The sun will rise at 5:38 in that day, the time of middle of eclipse is at 6:25, at which the magnitude of eclipse will reach to 0.7 (the ratio of parts obscured of solar disk diameter to the solar disk diameter), and the eclipse will end at 7:30.

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