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The Bureau of Basic Sciences under CAS Investigates Work in NTSC
Update time: 2011/04/01
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On March 25, 2011, the Bureau of Basic Sciences under CAS held a research seminar of “’The 12th Five-year’ Development Plan of NTSC” in NTSC. More than 20 people including Inspector Jin Duo from the Bureau of Basic Sciences under CAS, Section Chief Yan Lin from the General Office, Director Peng Liangqiang and Deputy Director Xue Yanjie of Mathematical and Astronomical Division, other leaders, NTSC leaders as well as science and technology backbones attended the discussion.

The seminar is presided over by NTSC Director Guo Ji. Firstly, Deputy Director Wu Haitao debriefed the main work and NTSC development plan during the “12th Five-year” and “Innovative 2020”. Then, leaders from the Bureau of Basic Sciences under CAS put forward guidance suggestion on NTSC development plan during the “12th Five-year” and “Innovative 2020” in combination with experts present. They thought that NTSC had performed numerous outstanding works in time frequency and satellite navigation fields in recent years and made progress in basic and application research by leaps and bounds. In the next 5 to 10 years, NTSC shall strengthen basic research of time frequency, consolidate the technical advantage in time keeping and time service, surmount new high in research on terminal equipment and application system for users, and play a main role in the construction of national time-frequency system in the future; greatly expand research on satellite navigation field, practically arrange important and specific work of satellite navigation, guarantee to fulfill special task in high quality. Turn gradually NTSC as a top-grade Chinese research institute in time-frequency and satellite navigation fields.

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