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The “Sino-Russia Cooperative Research Program on Pulsar” of the NTSC Obtains Financial Aid from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Update time: 2009/03/30
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A few days ago, the Sino-Russia scientific and technological cooperative program – “Study on X-ray Millisecond Pulsar Timing” – between the NTSC and the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory of Russia obtained the support of Russia-Ukraine-Byelorussia Special Funds of CAS in the year of 2009.

In this program, the research group leaded by Dr. Chen Ding of NTSC will cooperate with the pulsar uranometry research group leaded by Dr. Alexander from the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory of Russia to carry out studies on millisecond pulsar timing, pulsar clock and ensemble pulsar time by utilizing the personnel and equipment of both countries. Achievements to be made by the research program will have an important application prospect in the navigation by X-ray millisecond pulsar.

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