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“ICS System Professional Database Construction” Project of NTSC Is Approved by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Update time: 2009/08/11
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Several days ago, “ICS System Professional Database Construction” applied by researcher Yang Xuhai and Dr. Li Weichao from the NTSC was approved by the CAS. The project is one of professional database projects in scientific database construction of “The 11th Five-Year Plan” of CAS.

 International COMPASS Service (ICS) is an important part of COMPASS Satellite Navigation System. ICS’s function is similar to that of International GNSS Service System but it aims at domestic COMPASS Satellite Navigation System.

 ICS system is public-oriented, including tracking station, data center, analyze center, etc. NTSC is in charge of daily operation management, data center management & operation of domestic tracking station system. The analyze center is under construction.

 Domestic tracking network and data center of ICS System have accumulated a great many observation data and data products in two years. These data and data products serve geodetic survey and geodynamics, and are applied to such research fields as ionosphere, meteorology, reference frame, precision time transmission, high resolution estimation of earth rotation speed and change, earth movement, etc. They will make great contributions to COMPASS Satellite Navigation System’s development.

 The “ICS System Professional Database Construction” Project will arrange, classify and integrate these data according to uniform standards to build a professional database of satellite navigation and positioning system. The establishment of the professional database will greatly improve availability and instantaneity of data in ICS system, and will provide high-accuracy observation material for relevant research institutes at home and abroad through internet, providing services for theoretical research on domestic satellite navigation and positioning.


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