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Construction of the Project of “Research Platform of Dissemination Control Technology and Comprehensive Experiments” under the National Time Service Center (NTSC) Started
Update time: 2009/07/07
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On the morning of July 7, 2009, the commencement ceremony of the Project of “Research Platform of Dissemination Control Technology and Comprehensive Experiments” under NTSC was held on the construction site of Time Service Dept. in Pucheng with the participants being Gong Yongmin and Dou Zhong, Deputy Directors of NTSC, Hu Jinshe, Zhang Xiaoji and Zhang Xiaoming, main leaders of the Time Service Dept., relevant leaders of Pucheng County, and principals of the construction, supervision and design units.

Besides the Time-keeping Clock Room and the time-service dissemination control system, the Time Service Dept., as one important division of NTSC, is also equipped with the one and only long- and short-wave time-service dissemination system in our country and the low-frequency time-code time-service dissemination system under operating test, with the former having been listed into the national mega-science operation projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Taking the national time-service dissemination as its main task, the Time Service Dept. carries out researches and experiments in the aspects such as system operation technologies closely related to time service, technological upgrading and transformation of equipment, expansion of system functions and establishment of new time-service systems, and also participants in and conducts the work of data exchange and comparison concerning the joint atomic time of China and study on time-frequency control of our country. It is an important land-based time-frequency dissemination service base of our country.

Being one of the major construction projects in the phase-3 innovation projects of NTSC and covering an area of 1,300 m2, the “Research Platform of Dissemination Control Technology and Comprehensive Experiments” is a 3-floor building in frame structure with the total building area being 3,725 m2, and will be a landmark building of the Time Service Dept.’s main multi-purpose part after completed at the end of May, 2010 according to expectation.

After completion of the platform, the current situation that the lab, research office, technical maintenance room and auxiliary facilities related to scientific research of the Time Service Dept. under NTSC have been scattered since the department’s setting-up will be changed, the insufficient rooms for scientific research and business complemented, the conditions for scientific research and production improved, and the time-service function further enhanced and perfected, thereby more hi-tech talents will be attracted, and the orderly implementation of basic and prospective study programs concerning the time-service dissemination control will be better ensured.

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