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The 1st Academic Committee Meeting of Key Lab of Precision Navigation and Timing Technology under Chinese Academy of Sciences Held
Update time: 2009/07/20
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On the morning of July 11, 2009, the Key Lab of Precision Navigation and Timing Technology under Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) held its 1st Academic Committee Meeting in its supporting institution – the National Time Service Center (NTSC). The meeting was attended by 25 persons consisting of leaders from the Bureau of Hi-tech Research and Development and the Bureau of Basic Sciences both under CAS, leaders from the NTSC, members of the lab’s Academic Committee and personnel of the lab.

The 1st Academic Committee of the Key Lab appoints Academician Li Jisheng Chairman and Researcher Li Zhigang Vice Chairman, and its members are as follows: Academician Ai Guoxiang, Academician Wei Ziqing, Senior Engineer Guo Shuren, Deputy Researcher Jing Guifei, Professor Wang Feixue, Researcher Guo Ji and Researcher Wu Haitao.

The meeting was presided over by Dou Zhong, Deputy Director of NTSC, and Wang Yulin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of NTSC, made a small speech, briefly introducing the establishment of lab, stating that the lab’s orientation and research objectives comply with the development goals of CAS and NTSC, and pointing out that the setting-up and operation of lab will further promote the development of scientific research of NTSC, better compact the research direction and technological objectives, and advance the development of navigation subject of NTSC. According to Secretary Wang, the NTSC will support consistently and vigorously the aspects of talent introduction, procurement of instruments and equipment, experiment & administration, expenditures, etc. Besides, conditions related to the lab construction were described.

Later, Researcher Wu Haitao, Chief of the Lab, gave a working report at the meeting. Under the direction of Li Jisheng, Chairman of the Academic Committee, all the members reviewed carefully 5 topics on the working regulations of the Academic Committee, orientation, direction and objectives of the lab, medium- and long-term development planning for the lab, annual working plan of the lab and guide for the open issues, and put forward precious suggestions, emphasizing the lab should give full play to its advantages to the largest extent, give prominence to the key directions, form its characteristics gradually, strengthen external cooperation, and pay attention to technical promotion & application as well as transformation & industrialization of fruits.

Deputy Chief Guan Yanlin, Deputy Chief Zhao Gang and Chief Dai Bowei from the CAS addressed the meeting respectively, expressing their hope that the lab could develop positively towards definite targets under the guidance of Knowledge Innovation Project and the “12th Five-year Development Planning” of CAS, attach same attention to the basic studies as to their application in combination with engineering tasks, and also pay attention to security and confidentiality while enhancing external exchanges and cooperation. The orientation and research directions of lab should be distinctive and in compliance with the strategic needs of the state; additionally, the management and subject development of lab should be strengthened according to the requirements in the national and CAS’s evaluation measures for key labs, and the effect of the Academic Committee should be brought into full play, in order to form step by step the advantage in theoretical research and technical development in the domain of satellite navigation, and strive to become a national key lab.

At last, Researcher Guo Ji, Director of NTSC, gave an important speech, showing sincere appreciation for cares and supports of all leaders and experts to the NTSC and the key lab, and promising to fulfill the duties as a supporting institution to establish the lab so as to live up to the expectation of every one. The meeting was brought to a completely successful close after the agenda was finished.



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