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The Old Pucheng Time Broadcast Station of NTSC Selected One of the Fifth Protected Historical Relics in Shaanxi Province
Update time: 2009/03/03
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Recently, Shaanxi Provincial Government announced the fifth provincial historical relics units which are protected by the government, and the old Pucheng time broadcast station of NTSC was selected one of the units. The old Pucheng time broadcast station is the first national time broadcast station after the founding of the New China. The short wave station began to be set up in 1967, and the address was selected on the JinZhi Mountain closed to the tomb of Tang Xianzong who is one of the emperors of Tang Dynasty in the northwest Pucheng County. Up to Sep, 1970, the construction of the short wave station was completed. After the former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai’s personal permission, the station began to broadcast the standard time and frequency. The call letter of the short wave station is BPM, and the broadcast frequency are 2.5MHz, 5.0MHz, 10.0 MHz and 15.0 MHz. the administrative organization of the short wave time service station is Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the formal name is Northwest Time Service Station. From then on, the short wave station had been working 28 years continuously until 1998. In Dec, 1998, a new short wave time service station was built up, and it began to broadcast the standard time and frequency instead. The old station finished its glorious historical mission and became an important history of time service and the development to the wireless communication technique of China.

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