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Successfully Accomplishing the ‘Leap Second’ Adjustment at NTSC
Update time: 2009/03/03
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The monitoring system in the time-keeping lab of National Time Service Center, CAS showed the special clock-face: 07:59:59, 07:59:60, and 08:00:00, which indicates that the ‘leap second’ was successfully and automatically accomplished just before 2009 January 1, 0h UTC.

The standard time adopted in China is Beijing time, which is the time of the eastern eighth time zone. Therefore the synchronous leap second adjustment with the whole world was carried out in China at Beijing time 07:59:59, January 1, 2009, namely one second was inserted.

Because of the sufficient technical preparation made by time-keeping lab of National Time Service Center, the ‘leap second’ adjustment had been implemented successfully. At the same time, all kinds of time service information or time dissemination signals generated at NTSC such as BPM, BPL, BPC, Internet, telephone, Timestamp Service fulfilled the corresponding "leap second" adjustment too.

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