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70th Anniversary of Beijing Time---The Establishment of Universal Time System

Author:       ArticleSource:       Update time:2019/12/05

In January 1959, the Purple Mountain Observatory began to publish China's the joint corrections of radio time signals, referring to the data of time measurement and keeping from the Purple Mountain Observatory and the Xujiahui Observatory, henceforth from that time Chinese "Integrated Universal Time " system was initially established. Then, the time measurement data from the Shahe station and the Wuchang station joined, which improved the calculation of “China’s the joint corrections of radio time signals ". Since then, BPV time signal was required to use according to Astronomical Geodetic Specifications of China. Since 1963, the service accuracy of universal time in China reached the international advanced level. In August 1965, China's the joint corrections of radio time signals which was in charge of Shanghai observatory, passed the state level test and was approved as Chinese universal time reference by the State Science and Technology Commission.

In the 1970s, the number of time measuring stations was increased from four to six, The newly added stations are the Shaanxi Astronomy Observatory and the Yunnan Observatory. All stations were equipped with Chinese initiative photoelectric astrolabes and converted photoelectric transit instruments. The observation accuracy reached the world advanced level, and the national service system of integrated universal time was gradually formed.