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Staff from NTSC Attended the 7th Meeting of International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite System

Author:       ArticleSource:       Update time:2012/11/13

The 7th Meeting of International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite System (ICG) was held in Beijing from Nov. 05 to Nov. 09. The meeting was sponsored by United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and organized by China. More than 240 representatives from 16 countries and regions as well as 18 international organizations were present at the meeting. Liu Yandong—a member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and a state councilor, attended the opening ceremony and addressed.

Researcher Wu Haitao, Researcher Zhang Shougang, Researcher Lu Xiaochun and Researcher Li Xiaohui took part as China’s Representatives in the Meeting. The ICG is divided into four working groups, namely Compatibility and Interoperability Group (Group A), GNSS Service Performance Enhancement Group (Group B), Information Distribution and Capacity Building Group (Group C), Reference Framework, Time Service and Application Group (Group D). Researcher Lu Xiaochun, as the China’s responsible expert of Group A, takes full charge of coordination work for four issues of Group A. She made a report entitled Study of Interoperability Parameter at the meeting and was praised by experts both at home and abroad. Besides, Researchers Lu Xiaochun held a discussion with David TURNER, the vice director of Office of Space and Advanced Technology of The State Department, on the interoperability seminar, they drafted and submitted a China-US joint proposal about the interoperability seminar. The joint statement was approved after the discussion of Group A and was submitted to the ICG.