The Book Time Science Museum won the excellent popular science works of Shaanxi Province in 2022

Author:LIU Yongxin       ArticleSource:       Update time:2022/08/25

Recently, popular science book titled Time Science Musem won the excellent popular science works of Shannxi Province in 2022 organized by Shannxi Provincial Science and Technology Department On behalf of Shaanxi Province, the book was selected to participate in the national excellent popular science works selection.

At the same time, this book won the first prize of Shannxi 2022 excellent popular science creation works selected by the Science Associate of Shannxi Provice.

According to DOU Zhong, the lead authors of the book, in the form of roaming the first popular science exhibition hall with the theme of time science in China --- time science museum, the book introduces the history of time through five parts: the perception of time, the evolution of timing instruments, the development of time service technology, the application of precision time, and the development of modern time service in China. It is not only a popular science book about time, but also a portable “time science museum”.

LIU Yongxin, staff of the Musem, mentioned that the book integrates the knowledge related to human history, draws more than 100 illustrations and attaches precious historical pictures, answers a series of scientific issues of public concern questions, such as "what is time?" "Is there a limit to the accuracy of time measurement?" "How does time affect and change human life?"

Popular Science  book: Time Science Musem