International Cooperation Research of “Deformation Monitoring of the Sarez Lake Dam based on BeiDou Technology” was Officially Launched

Author:ZHANG Rui       ArticleSource:       Update time:2021/03/24

The kick-off meeting of international cooperation research “Deformation Monitoring of the Sarez Lake Dam based on BeiDou Technology” undertaken by the National Time Service Centre (NTSC) of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) was held in Lintong on March 17,2021. It marked a substantial step taken by NTSC in the field of “One Belt One Road” international cooperation.

“We plan to use high-precision positioning and communication technology of Beidou to carry out the deformation monitoring of the Sarez Lake dam and provide an important scientific reference for dam safety,” research leader Prof. TU Rui said.

During the meeting, experts fully affirmed implementation plan, and agreed that the research is of great significance, urgent social needs, and outstanding innovation, which can highlight the international influence of Beidou Navigation Satellite System. At the same time, the project implementation plan, technical route, task division, schedule arrangement, and fund use are further perfected and refined. Experts also discussed the detailed technology of site selection, site construction, communication, display and platform. The difficulties and problems that may be encountered were sorted out and evaded, and constructive opinions and suggestions were put forward for possible problems.

This research will not only realize international assistance and cooperation in disaster reduction and prevention, and show the responsibility of major powers, but also an important demonstration of BeiDou's global service for mankind. The development and implementation of this research is also a typical overseas application of BeiDou scientific and technological innovation of CAS. It is an important manifestation of the implementation of science and technology in the country where the overseas center of CAS is located, and has an important and positive impact on the development of CAS.


Sarez Lake is located in the Pamir region in eastern Tajikistan with altitude of 3263 meters above sea level. It is a natural lake formed by the collapse of the mountain after a strong earthquake occurred in the area on February 18, 1911. At the same time, Tajikistan is located in an earthquake active zone. Once an earthquake occurs, the dam of Sarez Lake will collapse and burst. The lake water will engulf parts of Tajikistan and affect Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, which will affect millions of people, destroy the ecological environment of Central Asia, and cause immeasurable losses.

The kick-off meeting site (Imaged by NTSC)


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