“Real Time Monitoring of Ground-Motion with Observations of High-Rate GPS and Strong-Motion” published

Author:       ArticleSource:       Update time:2017/06/20

Rui Tu, associate professor from National Time Service Center (NTSC), authored a monograph about the satellite application named “Real Time Monitoring of Ground-Motion with Observations of High-Rate GPS and Strong-Motion “ and the book is published by the national defense industry press.

The book can be utilized by those who are engaged in scientific research and production about GPS disaster monitoring and early warning. It also can be used as the textbook or reference book for the related specialties in geodesy and geophysics.

The book including 12 chapters, 47 sections is written in English. It introduces the basic principle and algorithm of the data processed by integration of GPS and strong-motion records systemically.

The author analyses thoroughly the loose integration model, tight integration model, adaptive integration model, improved loose integration model, improved tight integration model, key issues about the integration process, the relationship between baseline shift and ground tilting, and the characteristic analysis of different sensors in this book. The augmentation solution approach about the GPS velocity estimation and strong-motion’s net-based baseline shift correction are also introduced and analyzed.

This monograph has been supported by projects of nation scholarship, National Natural Science Foundation of China and Chinese Academy Of Science (CAS) programs of “Pioneer Hundred Talents”, “The Frontier Science Research Project”, andbeen guided by the Dr. Rongjiang Wang and Dr. Maorong Ge at Germany Research Center for Geoscicences (GFZ).