NTSC researchers are on an exchange with European scientists

Author:       ArticleSource:       Update time:2017/05/26

Dr. Rui TU and Dr. Rui ZHANG, the researchers from Navigation and Communication Division of National Time Service Center (NTSC), went to Europe for a series of academic exchanges from April 22 to May 1 2017. At the period, they attended the 2017 annual conference of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), and visited Germany Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ). 

In the 2017 annual conference of EGU, Dr. Rui TU and Dr. Rui ZHANG carried out abundant academic exchanges about “high precision GNSS algorithm, the problem and geoscience application” with domestic and foreign scholars, and gave the presentations named "Cooperating the BDS, GPS, GLONASS and strong-motion observations for real-time deformation monitoring" and "the Impact of the Pseudo Stochastic Pulse Parameters on BDS Satellite Orbit Determination" respectively. They showed the latest achievements on GNSS geoscience application at NTSC and they have won high degree praise and achieved recognition of peers. Dr. Rui TU and Dr. Rui ZHANG have also made acquaintances with many new experts and scholars, and communications with their new acquaintances was very enlightening. 

During the visit to GFZ, Dr. Rui TU and Dr. Rui ZHANG showed the primary progress and achievements at NTSC in recent years, communicated and discussed the GNSS real-time estimation of orbit, clock and ionosphere products, some new and hot topics about the GNSS development, talents cultivation and project cooperation with their counterparts. This visit not only laid a solid foundation for the establishment of high precision products and service center, but also explored several new research ideas for GNSS; moreover it opened a window for post graduates’ abroad cultivation and further project cooperation.