The 25th Meeting of the CCTF WG on TWSTFT will be held on 18-19 May, 2017 at the National Time Service Center (NTSC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Xi’an, P.R. China. The annual meeting has been hold at BIPM and TWSTFT participating station since 1989. It concerns about the TWSTFT operation, calibration and other related issues. The Xi’an Xianyang international airport is about 40km from NTSC, more information can be found on http://www.xxia.com/.
Sessions will be organized as follows:
     18 May(Thursday):
          Morning(9h00:12h30)-WG on TWSTFT
          Afternonn(13h30:17h30)-WG on TWSTFT
          Dinner party(18:00-)
     19 May(Friday):
          Morning(9h00:12h30)-WG on TWSTFT
          Afternoon(13h30:16h00)-Discussion and lab tour
    CCTF working group on TWSTFT
        Chairperson:Dr Victor ZHANG(NIST)
        Secretary:Dr Zhiheng JIANG(BIPM)
        Attendees:members of WG on TWSTFT and invited experts
    Local committee:
        Shougang ZHANG(Chair)
        Xiaochun LU, Xiaohui LI, Zhong DOU, Yan WU, Shaowu DONG, Ziyi LIU, Xiaoqian REN, Yan ZHANG
        Wenjun WU(secretary)
Hotel and Local Transportation
         Both the meeting and the accommodation will be arranged at the Elegant Oriental hotel(雅致东方酒店).
         Address:No.6, Fenghuang avenue, Lintong, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China(陕西省西安市临潼区凤凰大道6号).
         Price:320 Yuan/day (about 40~45€ or 45~50$,it depends on exchange rates).
         NTSC can book the hotel for you,please contact Dr Wenjun WU at least 30 days before your arrival.
Elegant Oriental hotel Elegant Oriental hotel Elegant Oriental hotel

    Local Transportation:
        NTSC will arrange the transportation for you between airport and hotel. It is free for all attendees. Please tell us your name,date of arrival and flight number at least 10 days prior to your arrival.
        If you can not contact us at the airport,you can take the coach or taxi to the hotel by yourself.
        Airport Bus:The destination is Lintong(临潼), more information can be found on http://www.xxia.com/site/traffic/. It will take about 1 hour and 30 yuan by the coach and the departure time are 10:30,12:00,15:00 and 17:30 at the airport. When you arrive to Lintong,you can go to the hotel by a taxi. It only needs several minutes and no more than 10 yuan.
        Taxi:about 1 hour and no more than 250 Yuan

        Wenjun WU(wuwj@ntsc.ac.cn)
        Wei LI(kim_weili@ntsc.ac.cn)
        Tianjian WU(wtj@ntsc.ac.cn)
Introduction of NTSC
    The NTSC is responsible for operating the national time scale UTC(NTSC). The time and frequency signals are transmitted through the long wave station(BPL), short wave station(BPM), low frequency time code station (BPC), satellite, internet and telephone in China. More information can be found on http://english.ntsc.cas.cn.
Local Introduction
    Scenic Spots
    Xi’an was once called Chang’an in the Han Dynasty.The connotation of this name is ‘permanent peace'. Xi’an marked the starting point of the famous Silk Road in the world.It obtained its present name in 1396. From 11th centry B.C, Xi’an has been established as capital by 13 kingdoms or feudal dynasties successively.
    Xi’an is situated in the middle of the Yellow River and at the center of China. Within Xi’an one can find a large number of historic attractions, such as the big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower and the City wall, etc. Walking around this city is like going through thousand of years back in history.
    Terra Cotta Warriors is Known as "the world's eighth largest miracle", and the tomb of Qin Shi Huang who was the first emperor of a unified China is next to the Terra Cotta Warriors.
    The Huaqing Pool is the Hot Spring Palace of Li Shimin (Emperor Tai Zong) In the Tang dynasty.
    They are all located in the Lintong District and not far from NTSC.
The City Wall Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Bell Tower Drum Tower
Terra Cotta Warriors Terra Cotta Warriors Huaqing Pool
    Local Food
    In Shaanxi, the most famous is cooked wheaten food,such as SPICY AND DRY CUT-NOODLE,Chinese hamburger ,Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup,etc.
SPICY AND DRY CUT-NOODLE SPICY AND DRY CUT-NOODLE Chinese Hamburger Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup

    Some information can be found on:
    Invitation letter
    If you need the invitation letters for the visas, please contact Dr Wenjun WU as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Thanks for your attention!
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