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Short Biography

LU Xiaochun, female, doctor of science, second-grade researcher, is now the deputy director of   National Time Service Center(NTSC), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), and the director of Precise Navigation, Positioning and Timing Technology Key Laboratory, CAS.
Dr. LU is mainly engaged in the researches of satellite navigation and time synchronization.
Dr. LU led and participated in many subjects of National Science and Technology Major Project and National Natural Science Foundation. She set up the research direction of satellite navigation signal study in NTSC, engaging in the researches in signal design, production, processing, verification, and evaluation. Having been focused on the technical research in seamless and combined navigation and positioning technical research, Dr. LU put forward a combined positioning approach in high precision and seamless urban area based on satellite navigation, digital television positioning, ultra wide ban indoor positioning, and cellular mobile phone positioning. Dr. LU also participated in satellite navigation space signal quality monitoring and assessment, as well as GNSS compatibility and interoperability research. She firstly put forward BeiDou space signal quality assessment technical system and led to establish China’s first BeiDou space signal quality assessment system, as well as China’s only multi-functional space-ground integrated satellite navigation test and assessment infrastructure. Dr. LU pioneered a carrier phase measurement approach based on transponded satellite mechanism and put it into technical implementation. The positioning accuracy reached 0.3 m, the highest single frequency carrier phase precision in the world. Authorized by National Development of Reform Commission, Dr. LU led to establish BeiDou “Belt and Road” High Precision Location and Time Service Platform, upgrading the positioning accuracy from nearly 10 meters to a few millimeters, which successfully solve the last-mile problem of BeiDou services. The platform is applying as pilot application program in Quanzhou, Nanning, Nanjing, etc. Dr. LU independently developed state-of-the-art carrier phase high precision distance measurement equipment, and integrated the first BeiDou comprehensive external field test and assessment system with a 40 meters high antenna as the core. For a long time, Dr. LU has also devoted to BeiDou international cooperation and bilateral and multi-coordination work, pushing forward BeiDou national and international technological cooperation and technical communication.
So far, Dr. LU has published more than 100 articles in national and international mainstream journals, including over 80 articles recorded in “the Science Citation Index (SCI)” and “Engineering Index (EI)”. Dr. LU also obtained 15 innovation patents and is the author of two books. Dr. LU also won national-level, ministerial-and-provincial-level, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences awards and honors many times.