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First Long-Baseline VLBI Fringes from NTSC's 40-m Radio Telescope

Author:LUO Jintao       ArticleSource:       Update time:2022/06/24

The 40-m Haoping radio telescope (HRT) at the Luonan station, National Time Service Center(NTSC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) got its first fringes in a testing long-baseline VLBI observation, on the 22nd of June 2022.

The observation, organized by the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), CAS used three radio telescopes. The other two radio telescopes are SHAO’s Tianma radio telescope in Shanghai and Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory’s Nanshan radio telescope in Urumqi. The observation was carried out in L band.

The fringe of the Shanghai-Luonan baseline is shown in figure 1, while that of the Urumqi-Luonan baseline is shown is figure 2. The location of the 40-m Haoping radio telescope is shown using the google earth, as figure 3. As an addition, a photo of HRT is presented as figure 4.

Please contact Dr. Jintao Luo for further information on HRT and the VLBI system.

Figure1: Fringe of Shanghai-Luonan Baseline (Photo from SHAO)

Figure 2: Fringe of Urumqi-Luonan Baseline (Photo from SHAO) 

Figure 4: Location of HRT (Credit by Dr. LUO Jintao)

Figure 4: NTSC’s 40-m HRT (Photo by Dr. LUO Jintao)


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