Appear Year Thesis Title Publication Name Author
2023 Proposal for an active whispering-gallery microclock Quantum Science and Technology YU Deshui
2023 Absolute frequency measurement of the 87Sr optical lattice clock at NTSC using international atomic time Metrologia LU Xiaotong
2022 GNSS Timing Performance Assessment and Results Analysis sensors ZHU Lin
2022 Analytical Representation for the Numerical Ephemeris of Titan within Short Time Spans Astronomy and Astrophysics XI Xiaojin
2022 Quantum microwave photonics in Radio-over-fiber systems Photonics Research JING Yaqing
2022 Performance Analysis of BDS-5G Combined Precise Point Positioning REMOTE SENSING LI Fangxin
2022 The Short-Art Precise Orbit Determination of GEO Satellites Using VLBI and Transfer Ranging Remote Sensing LAN Kai
2022 Topology design algorithm for optical inter satellite links in future GPS Solutions ZENG Lingchuan
2022 Method for Estimating the Optimal Coefficient of L1C/B1C Signal Correlator Joint Receiving Remote Sensing GUO Yao
2022 Integrity Monitoring of PPP-RTK Positioning; Part II: LEO Augmentation Remote Sensing WANG Kan
2021 Integrity Monitoring of PPP-RTK Positioning; Part I: GNSS-Based IM Procedure Remote Sensing WANG Kan