Appear Year Thesis Title Publication Name Author
2021 Sub nanosecond one way real time time service system based on UTC GPS Solutions WU Meifang
2020 A study of GPS PPP velocity estimation with the constraints of Doppler observation Advances in Space Research WANG Xingxing
2020 Synchronous frequency comparison beyond the Dick limit based on dual-excitation spectrum in an optical lattice clock Applied Physics Letters LU Xiaotong
2020 Enhancing BDS-3 precise time transfer with DCB modelling measurement QIN Weijin
2020 Analysis on the time transfer performance of BDS-3 signals Metrologia GUANG Wei
2020 Evaluation of the Effect of Higher-order Ionospheric Delay on GPS Precise Point Remote Sensing YANG Haiyan
2023 Self-Driven Hybrid Atomic Spin Oscillator PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED LI Erwei
2023 Theoretical and experimental study on vibration sensitivity of a transportable spherical optical reference cavity with multi-channel OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS JIAO Dongdong
2023 Relativistic effects of LEO satellite and its impact on clock prediction MEASUREMENT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WU Meifang
2023 Earth rotation parameters from BDS, GPS, and Galileo data: An accuracy analysis ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH HE Zhanke
2023 All-fiber telecom band energy-time entangled biphoton source CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS LIU Yuting
2023 An application of pulsar timing in dynamic reference frame transformation of solar system ASTRONOMISCHE NACHRICHTEN ZHU Xinzhi
2023 Coherent Population Trapping with High Common-Mode Noise Rejection Using Differential Detection of Simultaneous Dark and Bright Resonances PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED Yun Peter
2023 Proposal for a hybrid clock system consisting of passive and active optical clocks and a fully stabilized microcomb OPTICS EXPRESS YU Deshui
2023 LEO Satellite Clock Modeling and Its Benefits for LEO Kinematic POD Remote Sensing WANG Kan