Appear Year Thesis Title Publication Name Author
2018 Modeling and Performance Analysis of Precise Time Transfer Based on BDS Triple-frequency Un-combined Observations Journal of Geodesy Tu Rui
2022 Demonstration of 50 Km Fiber-Optic Two-Way Quantum Clock Synchronization Journal of lightwave technology HONG Huibo
2022 Implementation of field two-way quantum synchronization of distant clocks across a 7 km deployed fiber link Optics Express QUAN Run'ai
2022 6 cm OH Masers in Northern Star Formation Regions Astrophysical Journal QIAO Haihua
2022 A New Space-to-Ground Microwave-Based Two-Way Time Synchronization Method for Next-Generation Space Atomic Clocks Remote Sensing GUO Yanming
2022 An eLoran Signal Cycle Identification Method Based on Joint Time–Frequency Domain Remote Sensing YAN Wenhe
2022 Floquet Engineering Hz-Level Rabi Spectra in Shallow Optical Lattice Clock PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS YIN Mojuan; LU Xiaotong
2021 Continuous microwave-to-optical transduction with atomic beam fluorescence Applied Physics Letters LI Chao
2021 Doubly Modulated Optical Lattice Clock: Interference and Topology PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS LU Xiaotong
2021 Response dynamics of an alkali-metal–noble-gas hybrid trispin system Physical Review A LIU Guobin
2021 Quantum clock synchronization over 20-km multiple segmented fibers with frequency-correlated photon pairs and HOM interference Applied Physics Letters LIU Yuting
2021 Evaluation of Precipitable Water Vapor Retrieval from Homogeneously Reprocessed Long-Term GNSS Tropospheric Zenith Wet Delay, and Multi-Technique Remote Sensing SU Xing
2021 Research on Evaluation Method of Time Transfer Performance Between Ground Stations in Two-way Satellite Comparison Network IEEE Access WANG Wei
2021 Real-time monitoring of the dynamic variation of satellite orbital maneuvers based on BDS observations Measurement TU Rui
2021 Online algorithm for variance components estimation Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation ZHANG Xinggang