Appear Year Thesis Title Publication Name Author
2018 Progress of BeiDou time transfer at NTSC Metrologia Guang Wei
2017 Spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates held under a toroidal trap Physical Review A Zhang Xiaofei
2017 Global Navigation Satellite System Multipath Mitigation Using a Wave-Absorbing Shield sensors Yang Haiyan
2017 Global Surface Mass Variations from Continuous GPS Observations and Satellite Altimetry Data Remote Sensing Zhang Xinggang
2017 Steering optical comb frequencies by rotating the polarization state Optics letters Zhang Yanyan
2017 Robust optical-frequency-comb based on the hybrid mode-locked Er:fiber femtosecond laser Optics Express Zhang Yanyan
2017 Measuring microwave cavity response using atomic Rabi resonances APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Sun fuyu
2017 Realization of multiform time derivatives of pulses using a Fourier pulse shaping system Optics Express Zhou Conghua
2016 Exotic vortex lattices in a rotating binary dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate Scientific Reports Zhang Xiaofei
2016 Equilibrium vortex lattices of a binary rotating atomic Bose-Einstein condensate with unequal atomic masses ANNALS OF PHYSICS Dong Biao
2016 Short-term Prediction of UT1-UTC by Combination of the Grey Model and Neural Networks ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH Lei Yu
2020 Demonstration of the frequency-drift-induced self-comparison measurement error Japanese Journal of Applied Physics LU Xiaotong
2020 Research of Eliminating the Day-Boundary Discontinuities in GNSS Carrier Phase Time Transfer through Network Processing SENSORS Zhang Xiangbo
2020 Precise Loran-C Signal Acquisition Based on Envelope Delay Correlation Method SENSORS Yan Wenhe
2020 Quantification of nonlocal dispersion cancellation for finite frequency entanglement Optics Express Xiang Xiao