Appear Year Thesis Title Publication Name Author
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2016 Calculation and accuracy evaluation of TGD from IFB for BDS GPS SOLUTIONS Liu Yinhua
2016 POD experiments using real and simulated time-sharing observations for GEO satellites in C-band transfer ranging system Advances in Space Research Cao Fen
2016 Comparison of high-rate GPS, strong-motion records and their joint use for earthquake monitoring: a case study of the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku earthquake ARABIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES Tu Rui
2016 Imprints of relic gravitational waves on pulsar timing Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics Tong Minglei
2015 Two-component dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate in concentrically coupled annular traps SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Zhang Xiaofei
2018 Enhancing Real-time Precise Point Positioning Time and Frequency Transfer with Receiver Clock Modeling GPS Solutions Ge Yulong
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2018 Accurate OH maser positions. II. The Galactic Center region Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series Qiao Haihua
2018 A New Evil Waveforms Evaluating method for New 1 BDS Navigation Signals GPS Solutions He Chengyan
2018 Integration of Single-frequency GNSS and Strong-Motion Observations for Real-time Earthquake Monitoring Remote Sensing Tu Rui
2018 Theoretical extension and experimental demonstration of spectral compression in second-harmonic PHYSICAL REVIEW A Li Baihong
2018 Chiral supersolid in spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates with soft-core long-range interactions Physical Review Letters Han Wei
2018 Detecting an atomic clock frequency anomaly using an adaptive Kalman filter algorithm Metrologia Song Huijie
2018 Combining GPS, BeiDou, and Galileo Satellite Systems for Time and Frequency Transfer Based on Carrier Phase Observations Remote Sensing Zhang Pengfei