Deformation Monitoring System Based on BeiDou Technology for Sarez Lake Dam Co-developed by China and Tajikistan Comes into Service After Upgrade

Author:XIONG Tiantian       ArticleSource:       Update time:2022/09/20

Recently, the deformation monitoring system based on BeiDou technology for Sarez Lake Dam co-developed by China and Tajikistan has been upgraded and put into service on Sept. 18.

The upgraded version can ensure stable operation of the system unattended for a long time, while providing data support for monitoring the ecological environment of Sarez Lake based on BeiDou remote sensing technology.

Co-developed by the National Time Service Center (NTSC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Research Center for Ecology and Environment of Central Asia (RCEECA) of CAS, National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, and Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense of Tajikistan in October 2021, the system applies China BeiDou-3 high-precision positioning technology to the Usoy dam in Sarez Lake for real-time deformation monitoring.

The first two stations have continuously provided displacement and deformation data in millimeter-level precision for relevant departments in Tajikistan, playing a positive role in ensuring the safety of the dam and the peace of life of the people in the downstream areas.

"Initiated in April 2022, the upgrade work focused on adding monitoring stations and upgrading receiver firmware and software systems," said Prof. TU Rui, researcher from NTSC.

According to Prof. TU, the upgrade work required, on the one hand, the addition of six monitoring stations in the dam area to form a regional BeiDou monitoring network with the two existing monitoring stations, which would improve the continuity of real-time data acquisition, expand the monitoring scope and improve the stability of the calculating; on the other hand, upgrade of the receiver firmware and software system, which would improve the stability of the system and support the acquisition and transmission of BeiDou signal to noise observation.

Due to the frequent geological disasters in Central Asia, the BeiDou Ubiquitous Deformation Monitoring System developed by the team will be promoted and applied in the field of safety monitoring such as mudslides, avalanches and side slopes in Central Asia.



XIONG Tiantian

National Time Service Centre, CAS