Title: All-fiber telecom band energy-time entangled biphoton source
First author: LIU Yuting
Page number: 032701
Issue: 3
PubYear: 2023
Volume: 21
Impact factor: 2.56
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We report an all-fiber telecom-band energy-time entangled biphoton source with all physical elements integrated into a compact cabinet. At a pump power of 800 mu W, the photon pairs generation rate reaches 6.9 MHz with the coincidence-to -accidental ratio (CAR) better than 1150. The long-term stability of the biphoton source is characterized by measuring the Hong-Ou-Mandel interference visibility and CAR within a continuous operation period of more than 10 h. Benefiting from the advantages of compact size, light weight, and high stability, this device provides a convenient resource for various field turnkey quantum communication and metrology applications.